Natural/ Nude Makeup

Recently I was asked by a client what is Nude Make-up? I know most of you wonder how celebs have flawless skin! Well, It’s all the magic of Makeup ladies!

Make-up that doesn’t look made up! That is exactly what Natural or Nude Make-up is πŸ™‚

Nude makeup is all about flawless skin tone & most importantly keeping the eyes & lips minimal!

Like the transformation & wondering how to do it?

Here’sΒ how to do the Natural/ Nude Makeup step by step
Make sure to start the makeup after cleansing, toning & applying a primer!

Step One

  • Create a flawless base. Start by,
    Concealing– I’ve used the MAC Studio finish cream concealer (shade NC 35), which is the best for Indian skin tone & weather conditions! Apply with a concealer brush.
  • Foundation– Use a foundation shade that absolutely matches your skin tone or is half a shade lighter than your skin tone (as the base looks darker after a while due to oxidisation). For a more blended effect use a Blending brush/ Stipling brush πŸ™‚
    Used the AVON Cashmere advanced foundation with SPF 15!
  • Pressed Powder– to set the foundation & to give a matte finish (especially for oily skin) use a light pressed powder.
    Used the MAC Pressed Powder in shade NC 35.
Step Two

Natural/ Nude eye makeup can only be done with neutral colours. Nude pinks, Nude browns, even lilac purple shades are a good choice πŸ™‚

  • Apply a nude base to give the eyes an even tone. Used the MAC Groundwork Paintpot here (cream eyeshadow base)
  • Apply the selected nude eyeshadow shade all over the eyelid.
  • With a blending brush blend the crease line. Thus not leaving any clear demarcation! Note- if you dont have a blending brush just use the pad of your finger.
  • Use a kohl pencil in preferably a dark brown & apply a thin-medium outline to the upper lid.
    With a smudger, smudge the eyeliner too so as to remove the defined line.
  • Use a brown eye pencil to liner the lower lash line & again smudge.
  • Apply mascara.
Step Three

Use a peach toned blush for a slight blush of colour to the cheeks.

Step Four

Nude lips. MAC has beautiful Nude shades to explore. But my recent favourite nude colour from my win ter favourite lipsticks is the Colorbar sheer creme lipstick- Subtly Nude!

  • First line & fill the lips with a nude coloured lip liner pencil.
    Here I’ve used the MAC ‘Spice’ lipliner pencil.
  • Apply the selected nude coloured lipstick.
  • Apply some gloss just to the centre of the lips for that glossy touch to the look πŸ™‚

Quick overview of the Natural/ Nude Makeup-

There is also a Video Tutorial by me on my YouTube Channel. For the Natural/ Nude Makeup Tutorial Click HERE.

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