Who’s Tooth? Hounds-Tooth

Fashion isn’t only fun but it can also be funny! While researching about Houndstooth I realised there is Dogstooth & Puppystooth as well!
I’ve heard of serious fashion but fashion terms can be hilarious at times :p
Now that you have had a good laugh let me tell you what Houndstooth is!
Firstly Houndstooth is pronunced as hound’s-tooth
Secondly, Houndstooth originated in Scotland in the 1800s. It was originally worn as an outer garment of woven wool cloth by shepherds & was referred to as Shepherd’s Check or Dogstooth. The pattern is still popular to this day in tweed and wool fabrics. It is a duotone pattern that is characterised by its abstract four-pointed shapes, most often in black and white. In 1959, Christian Dior used houndstooth, which was one of their favourite design motifs to design a pointed court shoe featuring the pattern.
In more recent times Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively & Jessica Alba have been spotted sporting the Houndstooth pattern.
Houndstooth is more predominant in the winters. So before the winters go I’m making absolute use of the houndstooth pattern & leather from my wardrobe!
Would definitely wear it this weekend for a night-out! And you?
Outfit Deets
Leather jacket- Vero Moda
Dress- Only
Knee-high Boots- Sole to Sole
Lips necklace- Mohe Fashion
Earings- KOOVS
Ring- Mango
Superb Photography by Akhil Sharmaakhilsharmaphotography
Also spotted this cute pair Houndstooth gloves at Vero Moda!
A bigger version of the houndstooth print is called Dogstooth, which obviously makes Puppytooth the smaller version of houndstooth!
Hope I’ve helped you get a little fashion wiser & do flaunt that houndstooth before the winters totally go away!
Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

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