KOOVS Shopping experience & Outfit post.

Online Shopping is definitely the way these days! Whether its for the lastest trends, good deals or for those who don’t have time to roam around in the malls! Most of us cant buy an outfit without trying it 3-times but I seem to have found the best website that satisfies all of the above needs. So, If you are looking for the best website for women’s apparel & shoes then look no further- KOOVS.com

Reviewing the shopping experience with KOOVS.com

KOOVS is a multi-brand online shopping site in India based in New Delhi. KOOVS provides Free Shipping all over India & has the COD (Cash On Delivery) service as well! A major plus point about KOOVS is that they provide 30-Day Replacement Guarantee.

This was my third order with KOOVS & this was when they were having some Flash sale which they do intimate you via mail & even SMS if you are already registered with them!

The Packaging is clear white with the KOOVS logo printed in Bold & Capital letters. The bill comes in a plastic jacket to protect it from water or even tearing, on the packing itself. If there are shoes they come packed in a box & if it is a more fragile piece of clothing it comes in a cardboard KOOVS box!

Inside the box or parcel packet you will also find another similar looking packet like that in which your parcel came. This is the ‘return bag’!

The minute is saw this I was in awe of KOOVS but it got even better when I came to know that KOOVS even arranges for a reverse pick up 😀 You get a ‘return form’ that needs to be filled in! P.S. I have even returned a top simply because I didn’t like how it looked on me (for a refund of the top’s amouny worth as a KOOVS coupon)

Then the article purchased needs to go through a quality check at KOOVS after which they get back to you & only then do they exchange or provide a coupon code of the earlier amount spent!

Note- Lingerie is not exchangeable (on any site for that matter)

Basically you do not spend a penny for sending your article back! So if the piece is defective or size is incorrect or you simply do not like the item you can have it sent back in the same condition you got it in!

KOOVS has a good collection of various brands like Vero Moda, Only, Forever New, Oasis, their own in-house brand KOOVS (that’s where this dress is from) & many others.

I Simply love KOOVS & find their service & even their collections really good & again this whole returning procedure of KOOVS no one can beat

My recent party favourite outfit from KOOVS

One of the perfect colours to wear at night during the winters is Indigo, having already spoken of blues being my colour of the season for last month.

Indigo is one of the blues that goes beautifully with gold hues too! That is exactly why I bought this dress!
A look at how I teamed up this dress for a winter party night-out!

I am generally a size small! But I was a little vary of how this dress would fit as in the description it mentioned a pencil fit! But, Thankfully I had no issue with the size & the ‘small’ size fit me perfectly like any other small size at a store! In any case I knew I could always have it exchanged 😉

Since there were already gold embellishments on the dress I decided to wear a simple necklace! Gold braided link chain from Accessorize 🙂 Animal print Booties already showcased last month from Van Heusen & my Cupidity geometric box clutch went beautifully with the dress too 🙂
I’m sure you all want an insight into my makeup did a gold & black smokey eyes look!
The black eyeshadow was applied on the outer part of the eye in a ‘V’. Once that is blended add some navy blue eyeshadow to just the inner part of the ‘V’ created! The combination of gold & dark blue looks stunning on Indian skin tone 😀
I had my waterfall jacket from Vero Moda on throughout the night to keep the winter chill away.
Hope you found this post helpful & for more posts like this your feedback is most welcome 🙂
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Be Yourself & Shine On ❤


  1. You people are doing a great job. I bought 3 tops at juts Rs. 999 and their quality was also good. I will use some more deals for my future shopping, the offers are so amazing. For those who are just crazy about shopping, but worried about budget, thestylechair.com is the perfect place. You should try the deals on your own, there are some satisfying deals coming your way, so don’t miss the opportunity.

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