L’oreal Professional Hair Spa Homecare Prodcuts Review

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

So, December was hectic & it’s an all New Year now! What better way to start a year than to pamper yourself 😀

Healthy hair equals Happy Hair equals Happy you ❤

L’Oreal Hair Spa- Purify, Nourish & Treat!

Hair Spa is A genuine Spa experience for the Hair & Scalp Involving a Thorough Consultation, Followed by Detoxifying Wash,  Cream Bath emulsification, Pressure point Massage, Steam, Rinse & Dry for Absolutely Rejuvenated Hair & Scalp.

Hair Spa relieves all kind of Stress, But Wouldn’t it be Amazing If you were to have a Refreshing Time at Home too & get Smooth & Shiny Hair 🙂

For all the Hair Spa Lovers L’Oreal has come out with their Hair Spa Shampoo & Conditioner & even Nutritive Oil to maintain your Hair’s Health at home too 🙂

Reviewing all the Three L’Oreal Hair Spa Home Care Products for Dry Hair & Scalp

L’Oreal Hair Spa Deep Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner

The Deep Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner are Enriched with Water Lily especially made for Dry Hair.

Appearance– Love the fact that L’Oreal has stuck to the same Hair Spa packaging. Looking at it itself feels Energising & Refreshing.

Product Feel– The Shampoo is a Clear Coloured Shampoo that cleanses the Hair & Scalp well leaving the hair Smooth too. But the Hair actually feels Soft only after the Deep Nourishing Conditioner is used!

The Deep Nourishing Conditioner is Slightly Thick in Viscosity & needs to be left on for about 5 minutes.

Fragrance– The Hair feels & especially Smells Fresh.

The whole Fragrance of the shampoo & conditioner is very Refreshing & Revitalising, Reminds you of the Whole Hair Spa experience!

Result– Hair that’s Softer & Smoother & Smells Refreshed 🙂

Price– INR 400 for 230ml of L’Oreal hair Spa Shampoo

INR 400 for 200ml of L’Oreal Hair Spa Conditioner (cheapest L’Oreal Professional Shampoo/ Conditioner)

Also, L’Oreal has the Detoxifying Shampoo & Conditioner For Oily Scalp & Hair!

Hair Spa Nutritive Oil

The Hair Spa Extra Nutritive Oil is Basically Olive Oil, Enriched with Vitamin E & Natural Flower Oil.

Appearance- Basic Packaging, Orange-ish Clear Bottle with little Blue-Green Hair Spa colour Logo & Cap.

Product FeelLight weight oil with a Slight Fragrance. Has the feel more of a serum than an Oil which is great 🙂

Because this oil Doesn’t Smell or Isn’t so Greasy you can actually think of stepping out of your house with it (incase of emergency :p)

Result– After a wash you are left with Softer & Shinier Hair, with no Stink of oil left, unlike with other oils.

Price– INR 400 for 200ml


Firstly, Total Value for Money considering these are Professional products.

Secondly, Love the Refreshing feel to the L’Oreal Hair Spa products.

Thirdly, The Feel & the Fragrance of the Oil actually makes me want to Oil my Hair 🙂


Firstly, The Deep Nourishing Shampoo could have been a little better as far as softening the hair is concerned (although the job of a shampoo is to cleanse hair).

Secondly, The Deep Nourishing Conditioner is Only for the Hair not the scalp! (unlike what I hear is that the L’Oreal Detoxifying Hair Spa Conditioner is for Hair & ‘Scalp’ both)

Rating– 4/5 for the Deep Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner.

5/5 for the Hair Spa Nutritive Oil.

Final Verdict– As a Home Care Definitely Buy the Hair Spa Oil &

If you are Looking for something Budgeted from the L’Oreal Professional Hair Care Range Definitely buy the Hair Spa Shampoo & Conditioner (depending on your hair type)

Hope you all have a wondeful year ahead & Subscribe to The Style Chair to remain stylish this year 😉


  1. This one is cheapest range from professional series 🙂 I love professional range and have tried many variants. Definitely gonna stock hair oil and shampoo-conditioner deserve a try too…

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