Hair-do’s to try this NYE!

I’m hoping all you lovely ladies took my word & have booked yourself at a salon to get your hair all jazzed up for tomorrow night! (unless and until you are very talented & well equipped with curling tongs & hair irons)

Like it or not, If you are heading out you have got to look your Fashionable Best! Every one is trying to look their best from head to toe!
I believe I have at least sorted all my lovely readers with dressing & make-up ideas! For the finishing touch I bring to you hairstyles you can try this NYE.
Unfortunately I couldn’t shoot this post myself, as its the busiest time of the year at work & I’m going absolutely crazy with all this work load & parties :p
Since I couldn’t leave you without any hairstyle tips, I sat & personally picked my favourite Hair-do’s for this NYE 😀
Pictures courtesy Pinterest
If you want to look different keep your hair absolutely different from what you would normally style it.
Curl/ Twirl/ Swirl– curls are a dream for all you straight haired lasses. Go ahead make your dream come true this NYE!
Along with the waves you can have a nice textured pony tail or just puff up the crown, If you don’t want to leave them down flat!
Hair Half Down– best for deep back or low back dresses & off shoulder outfits.
Braids– for all the ladies who like to keep their look soft, young & casual. Try one of the many braid options with a maxi, off shoulder or even a plain skater.
for my tutorial on the fish tail braid check out my earlier post on Festive Hairstyles!
If you change your mind & don’t want to leave your hair braided! Then, don’t undo the effort & just tie it into a side bun 🙂
Side bun– this is so red carpet! U want to look glam & girl next door! Then definitely go in for a textured side bun
Check out my earlier tutorial for the textured side bun!
Top Knot– very classic look! Looks great with high necks, gowns & well honestly everything! Leave the side fringe out or completely pull your hair back with the Top Knot! Can even try the textured top knot 🙂
Check out the Top knot in my earlier post from Work updos!
Mohawk– for all of you who like a little swag a little punk for their look, this ones perfect 😀
Hair down– best with tube dresses & even strappy dresses!
Straight hair– all you curlies out there get your hair ironed flat straight for a totally different look. Leave them as it is or tie it up in a sleek high pony!
Retro Waves– You want to be Glam you have got to do the Retro Waves! Its the elegance from the yester-years 😉
Accessorize it– when it doubt add on the accessories 😀 Even if not still wear them accessories (you all know how much I love accessorising)
You can even get some Shimmer strands put in your hair from a Salon,
Or even wear a chunky neckpiece as headgear 😉
For all you vintage lovers! Try the quiff with your hairstyle or just as it is or get urself a side fringe.
Look fabulous & have the time of your life!
Wish all of you a very Happy New Year!
See you in 2015 🙂
Thank you all for all your love & support. 2015 shall be even better than 2014, I Promise ❤
Be Yourself & Shine On ❤


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