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Glam & Glitz

Elegance in simplicity! This month has been colourful & full of prints, bling & textures. I needed a break and that shall be quite evident :p
When in doubt, my first option always is wearing a basic colour & accessorizing. NYE is just around the corner & especially after all the fun dressing this month I decided to dress basic in ‘the’ most used colour of our closets, Black ❤
Slit dresses & skirts are absolutely trending. The slit added that twist to this or-else plain dress! Because of being full sleeves, it definitely seemed like a good option for a winter night 🙂
Good material & great fit made this dress a good buy from KOOVS.
Keeping the simplicity & elegance alive, Karishma from Vida Loca sent me this gorgeous filigree work silver & gold necklace! The first thing I thought when I saw it was- what a versatile piece it is; with the gold, silver & filigree work I could actually even team it up with my Indian wear 🙂

For once I actually teamed up my Prerto Earings with a neck piece (change is always fun) & If you have such curly hair the earrings get covered anyways :p

No watch, no cuff, no rings! Well, that’s the beauty of a LBD 😉 (Long Black Dress)

Simple cross strap silver heels from Charles & Keith, with bling on the back of the shoe & on the heel. Feminine & elegant ❤

This is exactly what inspired the Glitz part of the look ❤
I decided to do bling eyes as my makeup to add some glitz to the look! And you ladies are in for a treat because I’m going to show you Step by Step how to have Shimmery Eyes!
All you need is –
  • Glitter (if you love bling grab the glitter tower from Faces cosmetics),
  • Glitter glue available at Make-up Studio, Kryolan, Inglot or even NYX! Or Glitter liquid liner (available at leading beauty stores)
  • Optional- grey/ dark brown/ black eyeshadow.
  • Eyeliner & Mascara.

For a more pronounced look for the eye use falsies! I was dying to try on my new feather lashes from Inglot & this is how I applied them!

Three important things to keep in mind while applying lashes is
  • Use only Duo lash glue! Rest all aren’t effective lash glues.
  • Once the lash glue is applied on the lashes make sure to let it dry for 30 seconds & then place the lashes on the eye!
  • All you need to do is Lightly place the falsies over the lash line & dab the eyelash to stick to the eyelid!
  • Lastly, please stop thinking lash application is complicated! Just have fun, follow these steps & trust me it will be cake walk 😉

I think I have loved this look so much myself, that I’m definitely keeping my eyes like this for NYE 😀
So ladies you too can do the same 😀 But, if its too much for you! Do just a glitter eyeliner or at least try wearing fake eyelashes & watch yourself transform
Be Yourself & Shine On ❤
Book yourself a hair appointment at the salon & meanwhile Wait up for some hairstyle ideas from me for NYE #ComingSoon

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