Pune Fashion Week Season 5

Pune’s Annual Rendevous with Fashion just took place & I’m absolutely delighted that I witnessed the Season 5 of the Pune Fashion Week. It was my first experience at PFW as a blogger & it was an exciting experience to be given a media card with your name & blog name on it, along with a folder about PFW, organisers & the designers. There was a notepad in it too because you know blogging is working too & not Just being pretty & getting clicked 😀

So generally fashion weeks are at a hotel & I was quite surprised to know it was in a mall! Later to realise the set up was at the amphitheatre in Ishanya mall! And with the winter breeze in my hair, I knew this would definitely be a different experience 😀

The PR & Management team at the PFW were quite helpful & co-operative. While we decided to take a little look around while our passes were being arranged! Designer’s stalls, Home décor stalls, Quirky store & a stall for printed roses too. Then I felt this force pull me & I realised it was an accessory stall called Rejuvenate Jewels & I literally needed a mop because that is how much I was drooling! There was so much of rush at her stall & I loved the way Sushma Shah (Rejuveate Jewels) herself was wearing her jewellery 🙂

We then headed to the testosterone filled zone which had these super sexy Triump bikes! And even the ultra luxurious BMW cars were showcased too. The M4 totally stole my heart ❤

The whole idea of sitting in the open & enjoying the winter chill was such a perfect setup.

Nivedita Saboo

Being a Nivedita Saboo show there was a lot of anticipation & expectation too. The show started with the smoke machines going off to give a peak of an army of men (the most fashionable army) & Miss Diva Universe 2014 Noyonita Lodh opened the show in a Silver floor length lace & swaroski work gown! Noyonita looked like Heaven on tha stage in that Nivedeta gown 😀

I was being transported to a Colonial era! As the show unveiled itself Nivedita Saboo’s depiction of Indian heritage with a blend of western silhouettes was being strongly felt! ’Rendition of the Raj’ it definitely was 😀 with all the Royal & festive colours & rich fabrics. Flowy silhouettes, drapes & Detailings on the outfit especially on the back of every outfit is what definitely caught my eye ❤ The colour play of the collection from the yellows to burnt orange to burgundy to greys & blacks! All seemed so wearable 🙂 The berets, badges & the epaulets definitely took us all the way back to Colonial India.

Also did I miss mentioning how super impressed I was that the models were all Mumbai Top models like Deepti Gujaral, Sucheta Sharma, Anchal Kumar, Alesia Raut, Candice Pinto & many more. But that excitement too faded away once I saw Actress Lisa Haydon up on stage, Yes! Lisa Haydon ❤

Such a Stunning lady! The kind of ease & panache with which her presence was felt, no wonder Nivedita Saboo had her as the Show Stopper 🙂 The Lehenga, Lisa had on was REGAL! See for yourself

Day 3, the Finale day at the PFW ended up being a fantastic day for the variety of designs, colours, fabrics & even prints showcased 😀 The fact that I can’t choose a single favourite explains it all. Here, Have a look 🙂

Joy Mitra

Joy Mitra’s Collection ‘The Music Room’ inspired by Satyajit Ray’s movie ‘Jalsaghar’. All I remember feeling during the show was like you would when you hear the song ‘sawaar loon’ from Lootera 🙂 Transprting you back to the old era of simplicity & subdued colours. A pleasant change from the bright colours we see doing the rounds these days!

The mehendi green colour was so beautifully accentuated with gold which is a very rare sight & Joy Mitra did a commendable job with that colour especially 🙂 I remember feeling how I could actually wear those lehengas to a friend’s wedding & looking elegant yet not stealing the show from the bride 😉

A little embroidery on the sleeves & less of gold for the men! I can actually imagine them wanting to wear Joy Mitra designs for being Classy & yet not OTT 🙂


House Of Satya Paul

Satya Paul was showcasing their ‘Mono Pop’ collection which for me was an absolute ‘girly’ collection! For me the collections highlight was the whole ‘Mickey mouse’ application in their prints 😀

Gone are the days when Satya Paul was associated with just sarees & abstract prints. They had sheer tops, scarves & even skater skirts. Sleek hair, Upbeat jazz music, polka dots & Tie-ups made the collection appealing to every girl in the crowd ❤

Seeing B&W on their sarees, Block colours, Checks, I even noticed a Map on a saree & Hints of bling made the whole collection so Trendy & especially appealing to all the young ladies.

I was surprisingly pleased to see the Hounds tooth print as well on a saree, absolutely apt for this season where the Hounds tooth print is definitely trending!

Suneet Varma

One of India’s foremost couturiers who has made it big not only in India but even internationally & whose presence in the fashion industry has been there for years now! Suneet Varma is a designer brand that immortalizes glamour & timeless style. Excitement to see his collection was inevitable, Especially when his was the Grand Finale! Suneet Varma himself was the Show Stopper of the night 😉

With dim lights & the smokey effect the silhouette of the models looked like I was in some kind of Wonderland 🙂 The minute the lights were on the models & the music came on, one word struck my head- Majestic!

The look given to the models was very queen-ish like that of Charlize Theron in Snow white & the huntsman. Suneet Varma managed to put together so much in this collection that I was just spellbound. The princess looks with lace & a lot of cream colour! There were a lot of pearl accentuates too ❤

A warrior princess was unveiled too with her metallic bustier which literally made everyone in the crowd Gasp!

There were panels, embroidery, velvet, net, gold motifs & the cuts of the blouses were like never seen before. Unlike typical blouses which are strappier at the back here the blouses were more attention seeking on the front!

What was at its scintillating best was the mirror work designs by Suneet Varma ❤

To add to the whole majestic feel was the ‘gher’ or flare in a lot of the outfits which the models twirled around in & even showed off like a matador which looked spell binding up on the ramp *gasp*

Unfortunately I missed Day 1 of the season 5 of PFW, but was so glad to be a part of the rest of the PFW & especially for the Nivedita Saboo & Suneet Varma show ❤

Apart from fashion at the PFW the crowd also enjoyed the Arena Exhibition, Wine and Cheese Fest, Grape Stomping & much more at the splendid season 5 of PFW 😀

This is what I wore on Day 2 & Day3 at the PFW Season 5 🙂

I am so Happy that The Style Chair was a part of the fashion conscious elite & to be able to Blog about this sensational weekend in Pune ❤

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

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