Lancome Miracle Air De Tient & My Experience

If you haven’t felt silk lately this is what I’m talking about! Oh no I’m not talking of Cadbury silk I’m talking about the Lancôme Miracle Air De Tient Foundation.

Using the Lancôme Air De Tient Foundation has been such an amazing experience that I had to share it with all of you 😀
Today I shall be reviewing the Lancôme Air De Tient Foundation.

Here is what Lancôme has to Say about the Miracle Air De Tient Foundation- Our 1st perfecting fluid foundation that feels as light as air. Women forget they are wearing it.

Weightless feeling correction – the Blur innovation. Miracle Air de Teint blurs and corrects the look of imperfections. The complexion appears translucent, matte and even, and glowing with radiance. Miracle for tailor-made natural looking results: finish, lightness, perfection.

The Air De Tient bottle is a frosted glass kind of a Glass bottle! Which means you have to be careful with it 🙂 It has a dropper which makes it a very unique pick. The dropper is a rubber dropper so the fingers need to be clean while using it orelse the foundation stains make it look very shabby!



I’m going to tell you about the texture of the Miracle Air De Tient without going into my wonderland ❤ The reason I bought the Lancôme Miracle Air De Tient was because I had heard that its an amazing Foundation for oily skin & this product has won beauty awards too!


Little did I know that the drops of the Air De Tient that came out of the dropper were genuinely Miraculous 🙂 One swipe of the Air De Tient on my skin & I was in love! The Air De Tient as compared to other foundations is actually quite the ‘fluid’ it claims to be so you have to be careful as it might just flow off! With medium coverage it suited me absolutely fine as I always anyways conceal any blemishes & the dark circles! Air de Tient cannot be used as it is for skin with marks or Acne, a concealer needs to be put on first & then the Air de Tient followed by a Pressed powder too! Another plus point the Miracle Air De Tient actually has a hint of a very fresh & subtle fragrance 🙂

Tip– Shake well before using!

If you want luxury you have to pay for it! Quality doesn’t come without a price. The Air De Tient is priced at 3100 for 30ml. I although picked it up at the Frankfurt duty free because neither do you get Luxury Makeup so easily in Pune, plus i love splurging in dollars (doesn’t make me feel guilty about spending so much :p)

I bought it for about £ 28!

Another reason I bought this is so I could use it as Day wear, since you don’t need heavy coverage in the day plus the Air De Tient comes equipped with sun protection SPF 15 🙂

This is the 04 Beige Nature Shade used on my skin 🙂


If there is one little thing I could think where the Air De Tient could’ve done better is its dropper! It looks all fancy & fun but it’s actually a little more time consuming with the dropper! So if I have to point out a Con about this product that would be it.

In short this is how I would rate this product

Appearance ☆☆☆☆

Texture ☆☆☆☆☆

Pigmentation ☆☆☆☆

Value for money ☆☆☆☆

For all you ladies who have Oily skin; Looking for a silky smooth yet Matte foundation, day wear foundation, foundation with an SPF, wanting to invest in good cosmetics please stop your search right here & pick up the Lancôme Miracle Air De Tient Foundation.

Available at the Lancôme stores, Sephora stores & select Shoppers Stop stores in India.

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤


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