L’oreal Dry Shampoo- Review & Tutorial

Hello Ladies 😀

I’m finally here with a Hair product review & Tutorial (How to Use)!

Today I’m reviewing the L’Oréal Techni Art ‘Fresh Dust’ (Dry Shampoo)

I used it the most especially during my travels & found it very handy!

L’Oréal Says

Revives and refreshes all hair types- Extends the life of your salon blowout. Micro fine powder absorbs excess oils to release weight. Neutral shade for all hair colours.


Fresh Dust dry shampoo is a powder form in a spray bottle!

The packaging is a stark white bottle with the techni. art logo & a very bright & fresh ‘Fresh Dust’ labelled on the bottle 🙂

The spray bottle has a fine nozzle like that of any spray bottle.


Fresh Dust is a powder like I mentioned before but it’s a very fine powder hence it doesn’t look flaky!

It actually has a nice & fresh fragrance too which makes you feel fresh after using the Dry shampoo 😀

Fresh Dust has a ‘Force’ factor 1 which means it has minimum hold & doesn’t make the hair stiff 🙂

Tip: Make sure to always spray on the Fresh Dust at least 6 inches away from the scalp! Or else too much product gets deposited. Apply the product section by section onto the scalp!


150ml spray bottle


INR 950/-


Makes scalp feel fresh

Adds body & texture

Quick & easy to apply

Hair smells good

Does not leave residue


Might not be pocket friendly!



Final Verdict 

Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo works as great as it claims & is a must have for a quick fix or while traveling 🙂


For the Tutorial on How To Use the Dry Shampoo Click → HERE

Till then,

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

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