La Prague- Infinity Scarf & more

Hello Lovelies 🙂

Don’t you absolutely love the infinity scarf or the tube scarves 😀 But wondering what to do with your old stoles?

The Style Chair shall show you how to wear your stoles as an Infinity scarf in this look

Vero moda Stole worn as an infinity/ tube neck scarf!

To tie your stole as a tube neck scarf follow the following simple steps-

Tie the ends of the stole into a knot & put the circle around your neck.
Cross the hanging end of the stole to make another loop.
Again put the loop around the neck.

Make sure it looks like this 🙂

Another biggie this season is the Painter’s Hat 🙂

The Painters hat not only makes a good winter essential, statement accessory but a saviour for the bad hair day too.

Are you giving up hope on a bad hair day or is the shortage of ‘dress up time’ pulling you down?

No fear The Style Chair is here 😀

So, don’t give up hope on a bad hair day & shortage of time is definitely not the end of the world 🙂

I was in such a situation off late & this is what result I brought out with my hair being sticky & just 10mins in hand.

Travelling can make your hair sticky & limp & having a packed schedule means- no time to fix it! Thats when the winter painters hat comes to the rescue!

Hair accessories, hats & headbands are the best things to use when having a bad hair day 🙂

Travelling or a rough day makes you look dull but what instantly makes you look fresh apart from foundation is a pink toned blush on the apples of the cheek. Pink blush makes the face look fresh & dewy ❤

No time means no eye makeup, but who said you cant play with Coloured Eye liner pencils 😀 I have quite a collection of eye liner pencils in all possible shades to wear on a regular day basis rather than just black!

Quickly sweep on some coloured eye liner & yes mascara for that final touch & Voilà no more tears or fears!

In short, Blush on & with a coloured eye liner pencil you are good to go when short on time 😀

Time or no time look pretty as always & for further queries don’t hesitate to mail me on

Some more images from Prague,

Exploring Prague by the night!
Exploring Prague by the night!
Wine & Dine in Prague 🙂 at Pizza Nuova
Exploring Prague by the night!
Trdlo- Prague special, sweet cinnamon covered crunchy rolls.
Street food- trying out the spiral potato chips!
Busy streets of Prague
Enjoying the Towers, Arcades & Lamp posts all around, right from a fairytale!
Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square Prague

L to R- All kinds of beer, Chocolates galore, Souvenirs & Puppet shops

Prague as it is! L to R- extremely long escalators at the metro stations, streets of Prague, Beautifully architectured buildings, staple street food Hot dogs.
Few glimpses of Shopping & Fashion in Prague
L to R-Madness at old town square, Fall beauty, Pitch dark by 6.30pm

More details on the look

Beige leather skirt by Forever21,

Gloves, Black Jacket & Stole Vero Moda,

V neck full sleeves tee from Zara &

Black synthetic leggings, from Singapore (A must have especially for the winters)

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

For any tutorial suggestions feel free to comment below 🙂

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