Pack it Right & Light

Planned a trip & all excited for it 😀 But packing bogging you down?

Well The Style Chair is off on its Annual Diwali Break (Autumn Break) & Happy to Help 🙂

As excited as I am, packing does become a hassle as we have to stick to the 20kg limit & travelling especially at this time of the year, when it’s about 10°C in Europe can be little bit of a task. Lower temperatures means warm clothes which means more space occupied *sigh*

Whenever travelling, Shopping is definitely a big one on my agenda, as we generally find stuff that no one will be wearing in our city 😉

This also means I have to leave space in my Bag for me to be able to carry back all the shopping! Making the packing task tougher for me since I have to travel lighter when arriving at least.

Well begun is half done!

Being a well-planned person & a little OCD-ish, I do manage to pack in all of my clothes, makeup & accessories pretty well (being the daughter of a highly organised & logical man) And leaving space & scope to add on to the luggage in my suitcase without paying excess baggage when landing back!

Follow these tips by The Style Chair & henceforth packing will never be a dilemma for you 🙂

Organising Tips

Organising your stuff would simply mean keeping different things Separately rather than trying to find something from a big mess.

Different sized pouches help to keep objects of different sizes separately.

Makeup Organisation

Travel pouch by Victoria’s Secret
  • Buy long pouches to keep the makeup brushes, eyeliners & even lip liners.
  • Smaller compact & broad pouch for the Lipsticks, glosses & lipbalms.
Makeup pouch from Colorbar
  • A cute Vanity bag in which you can dump the foundations, blushes, some hair stuff, even a small brush! (Even though the bag might be a little big for my need but the material being collapsible makes sure while packing it in, it doesn’t waste space)
Vanity Bag from Forever 21

Tip- Make sure the travel pouch material isn’t hard, so it can be squeezed in the suitcase in small places in between clothes.

Accessory Packing

I’m obsessive about all my things & more so about my accessories!

Get your hands on these light pouches with drawstrings which are inexpensive, so you can literally pack all your neck-pieces in separate bags without worrying about consuming space.

Do not throw away the bags in which the accessories come, store them as they come handy while travelling!

Drawstring pouches available at general stores

Earrings & bracelets are placed in separate smaller drawstring pouches. But this makes it too many pouches & also very prone to being lost in all your stuff! So its better to then keep all these small small bags in one Big Bag!

This bag has a little stiffer material, so I’m not stressed about my accessories getting any shock during the traveling 🙂

Packing Tips

Pack the Bath towels, Coats, Maxis & all the longer or broader stuff horizontally along the length of your suitcase (so it doesn’t need to be folded too many times, avoiding wrinkles)!

If  you like to be super organised- you can also place the outfits (combinations of uppers & lowers) you are going to wear in two piles. The ones you would like to wear first at the Top of the pile & the one you might wear at the end of your travel at the bottom 😀

Shoes must be packed compact with the soles outside & the top of a shoe into the heel of the other shoe. Like this⇓

While packing scarves, socks & even stocking, Fold them once & then roll them up & stuff them in the small spaces available between piles or on the sides.

Even belts must be coiled up & placed in the free spaces in between.

Breakables/Fragile objects/Bendable objects especially like Perfumes should be placed between clothes & Close to the sides, as the sides of suitcases are hardest & can resist impact.

Always most importantly, fill up the centre of a suitcase more than the side so that the zips don’t give way & is easier to zip up your suitcase too!


Packing Toiletries-

Toiletries can really be a waste of space, because of the ‘n’ no. of bottles!

  • Specifically try & buy the smallest packaging of face wash, tooth paste, etc!
  • Carry shampoo sachets.
  • Buy small containers (available at general stores or even at Faces) into which you can transfer your shampoos, conditioners & even body wash.

  • Dump all the toiletries in a big zip-lock bag so that ways they don’t consume more space & also don’t mess up the bag in-case of a leakage.
  • Transparent pouches are the best idea because you can see exactly what all is inside instead of wasting your time opening a pouch n looking for something specific.

It Might seem like a lot of effort but once you have all these things you needn’t buy them every time!

This year the only new travel acquisition I made was this case for delicates, its just love because its pretty & most importantly so useful, compact and practical (compared to the way I used to pack them earlier).

So if you love your clothes & cannot sacrifice on your outfits, then scrounging on the rest of the things & being well organised before hand is a better idea 😉

Travel Tips

To avoid any kind of unpleasantness please check on the restrictions of the countries you travelling to as far as the entry of a certain objects is concerned! Like in Singapore chewing gums are restricted & in Bangladesh plastic bags are restricted!

Few obvious reminders for Hand baggage restrictions, but nonetheless shall refresh them for you-

  • No safety pins, lighters, filers, nail cutters, swiss knives, scissors to be carried in hand baggage!
  • Do not carry liquids that are more than 100ml (per piece) in the hand baggage. Preferably carry them in a zip lock bag.

I carry small perfume bottles of 30ml that are available at stores like Marks & Spencer, Zara & even Body Shop.

Purchases for a fun & practical travel experience-

As you can see I have a very common suitcase, hence making it very difficult to spot it at the luggage conveyor belt. Luggage tags make it so much simpler to spot your bag 🙂 What are the odds that someone has the same suitcase & luggage tag as you.

Plus your name, number, address can also be put at the back of the luggage tag, which helps in-case it gets lost!

Passport holders are useful to know your passport from another’s & avoid unnecessary confusion as we generally travel in groups (even otherwise doesn’t a passport cover make it seem so much more interesting :p)
Tip – remove the passport from the passport holder while handing for cheking in baggage & immigration!

For all the sleepy heads, get your hands on these quirky, fun eye masks & neckpillows. Enjoy a good snooze while waiting during your travel 😉


Since I’m finally leaving on a much needed Hoilday, will not be posting for two weeks 😦

But Stay updated through my Facebook Page ‘The Style Chair’ for updates from my Travel 🙂

Till then,

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤



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