Dazzle Tassel

A Very Happy Diwali to my readers 😀

This Festive season I decided to splurge a little bit on myself & bought these Phoenix earings from Prerto.com

Tassel earrings seem to be making the Headlines these days as a statement piece of jewellery ❤

These Tassel earrings were so beautifully packed & sent with a lovely handwritten note too, that I just Had to showcase them 😀

Even the bag the earrings came in is so soft, it’s just love every time you touch the bag to open it & it is genuinely to take care of these beauties)


Most of the times my outfits are planned around either a new makeup look or a new hairstyle I want to try out, But this time I’ve planned the look based on these Tassel earrings.

2014-10-17 10.28.21 1

Whenever planning your look around an accessory or a hairstyle or make-up, Try & not let the rest of the outfit overpower the Thing you want to highlight!

Tip- Plan your outfit, make-up or even hairstyle so that it enhances a particular style you want to showcase the most & not look like a royal mess 🙂

This is what my Thursday Night looked like with these beauties worn, glass of wine in my hand & dose of fun & gossip. Blast is exactly what we had with Pesto Pesto playing the perfect host ❤

For a more detailed Food review check out Protima Tiwary’s post→ HERE

Dual finger ring by Ae Tee

What’s best about Shirt dresses is you can wear them to formal occasions as it is or even accessorize it & wear it on a Friday night 🙂

Styling Tip- Lighter shades/ Nude colours give the option of wearing it as a day dress or even on a casual night out with accessories (as black or darker tones are always associated as a Night out colour)

This Shirt dress (from AND) was worn for a Week-night out with the gals! Dressy yet not OTT which gave me the Liberty to Accessorize it 😀

As a Day dress I would just wear it as it is, But as a dress for a night out I would team it up with a Waist Belt that not only jazzes it up but also makes it seem more fitting, hence more dressy 😉

Waist Belt- Charles & Keith Singapore
Shirt Dress by AND

Worn a delicate bracelet on the wrist to go with the whole attire & yet letting the Tassel earrings overpower the look 😉

Bracelet from Popli, Mumbai
Red Peep-toe Heels from Sole to Soul Mumbai

To go with the colour theme, the red was an obvious choice for the Heels. Although the outfit can also be paired with dark brown stilettos for a subdued look & gold heels for a jazzier look!


Using the colour theme of the look done simple eye makeup which you ladies Must try out 🙂

  • Use pale yellow & champagne coloured eye shadows mixed (or even a shimmery/metallic nude shade) for the eye lid.
  • Over the lid on the crease line (fold of the eye) use a Dark brown metallic shade & Draw a ‘V’ around the eye lid from mid eye extending uptil the eyebrow & Do not blend it. Let the Defined shape be seen for the impact 😉

  • Extended black thin eyeliner for the Upper lid & again thin black line for the lower lash line. For the lower lid use a bronze eye pencil to line the lower lid except the inner corner.
  • For the inner corner of the lower lid use the same shade used on the upper eye lid.
  • Coat on Mascara & Voila makeup is done 😀
  • Sweep peach blush from the apple of the cheek to top of the ear.

Tip– Choose a lipstick shade as the colour from the outfit that is in minority!

  • Lip crayon from Colorbar called Sensuous Red!


Showing off your statement earrings means keeping the Hair Half Up at least. So, Tie a secure pony with more than half of the hair & leave the section of hair from ear & below at the back!

Pull back the side hair above the years to give it that sleek look with Emphasis on the top of the head!

If you normally don’t keep a puff or your hair sideways then for a change try doing them both or either puff up the hair on the crown or sweep your hair onto one side 🙂

Yes, you have also guess right my hair has had a bit of a makeover & the magic word is Ombré.

For all of you who are travelling too I shall be posting something special & useful for you all super soon, So Stay Tuned 🙂

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤


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