How to Do your Base Makeup/ Concealer Application

Having Clear looking skin isn’t a secret anymore!

I’m here to show you How to Do Quick Base Makeup/ How to Apply Concealer!

“The best thing is to go natural, But you need makeup to go natural” -Calvin Klein.

Very very few of us are blessed with Even Toned skin! Whether its skin discolouration, dark spots, marks, acne or even dark circles they all lead to our skin looking different shades!

When you have an even tone your actual Complexion can be seen which makes the face Brighten up too 😀

  • The First Step for doing your makeup is clean skin! First wash face & then apply a Toner! For very dry skin apply a moisturiser too, concentrating on the drier regions of the face.
  • Next step would be using a Primer! A primer closes the pores & gives a more even tone to your skin. It also helps the makeup last longer.

I have Oily skin with a lot of pores so I cannot even think of skipping the primer! I recently started using the Porefessional Primer by Benefit & its magic! It might be a little expensive but it’s worth every penny.


  • Hydrate your lips so they it helps the Lipstick glide on & doesn’t make the lips flaky then!

I quite like the Maybelline Baby Lips as it stays on well & is quite hydrating.


  • Concealing

I consider Concealing even for Personal Makeup an absolutely important step.

The best kind of concealers are Cream Concealers! I absolutely swear by the MAC Studio Finish Concealer. It might be small but that’s all you need & trust me it really lasts.

I use the NC 35 shade.


Makeup can always be applied with your fingers as it helps in blending too but of course since it does get a little messy I just Love my Brushes.

Normally concealer brushes are always Flat which make the concealed areas look very patchy! I discovered this amazing Oriflame fluffy concealer brush & if I’m not wrong even MAC has a concealer brush like this, it’s The perfect concealer brush according to me as it blends in the concealer too 🙂



Tip– Even if you have flawless skin & you feel just your forehead is a shade darker use a concealer of the shade of your skin tone on that region!

P.S. Under eye always needs concealing.

  • After concealing use a Latex Sponge & just Dab to Blend & swipe it if u want to remove excess product! Available at Colourbar, Faces & MAC

Once the Whole Concealing is done you are 90% done!

  • Foundation– since this is a Quick Tutorial the best thing to use is a Powder Foundation. Just a quick application with a powder puff/ sponge & all done 🙂

This is why I swear by the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation (can also be used wet for more coverage).


Just a few quick swipes & you are all set 😀


See the difference just a Good Base in your Makeup makes

Now to Watch how all this is practically done, check out my YouTube Video by Clicking→ HERE.

Do subscribe to my YouTube Channel The Style Chair for more such updates 🙂

Be yourself & Shine on!!!!



  1. Hey!!! This is so helpful.. Applying makeup was a nigthmare for me.. Now this post has given me some confidence so that i can try it at home.. 🙂

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