Florals, Pink & a Cause

Hello my Lovelies 😀

Today’s post is Big in a way you will know soon!

So I’m showcasing a Sunday-Out Look (OOTD) which is out & out feminine!

As much as I experiment with my looks I love playing Miss Over the Top Feminine 😉

Florals for me is the most comfortable print to play with it!

Pink is apparently my favourite! As much as I don’t realise it, it does quite fare higher than the other shades in my wardrobe.

While shopping every other month I pick up something or the other floral, that my wardrobe is quite full of it! We don’t realise when we have so much of a particular trend till you put it all together :p


Yes, I am wearing a Floral Skirt, a Floral Headband & even Floral Peep toes 😀 & yet somehow it still doesn’t look Over The Top!

Floral print net hairband is from a local accessory store!

This baby pink neckpiece was a street buy from Mumbai Colaba Causeway.

Peep toes from Much More & Skirt from Forever 21.

Even my diamond ring & earrings I have with pink saffire 😀

Still surprises me how much pink I have in my wardrobe :p

All this Pink & Feminity fuss is all because it’s Pinktober


My blowdried hair is what has been the icing on the cake here & completing the Oh! So feminine look 🙂

October is all about Pink with a Cause! 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! It’s an annually held international health campaign to increase searches of the disease & to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.

While most of you might be aware of breast cancer, many ladies forget to take the steps to have a Plan to detect the disease in its early stages. This is very important for all you ladies so please be aware & even all you men can educate your women!

For further details on the same & to get your own Early Detection Plan Click→ nationalbreastcancer.org

Wear pink support the cause!

Maybelline Coloursensational Lipstick PW04

Join Elle & wear pink to work on 17th October #WearPinkToWork

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