Knotted Affair

An Entangled Affair we all Love ❤ Scarves

If you all Already Don’t know- I Love Accessories. Accessories can Just Transform an Outfit 😀

Floral Chunky Bracelet by Forever21
Floral Chunky Bracelet by Forever21

Scarves are an Evergreen Accessory, Not only are they all about Fashion but have been a Part of a lot of Uniforms for like the Scouts, Sailors, Stewardesses & many more.

Scarves Spell Class, Chic, Style & Somewhere have that little Vintage touch to it with The Hollywood Stars majorly Flaunting Scarves in the 60’s.

The Reason I Love Short Scarves is that they are So Light, Yet make a Big Statement & Ofcourse, can be Worn in Any Season 🙂

Once I had this Knotted Scarf on I Felt like Some like some Hottie out at Sea :p Well Cruise being Far-featched I’m not even close to the sea! So decided to Cruise in my Car & that’s How this Blog post was Shot 🙂

Major Credits to The Style Chair’s Brand New Accomplice The D3200 ❤

If you too want to wear the Scarf the way I’ve worn then, these are the Few Simple Steps to the Knotted Scarf!


  1. Spread the Scarf on a Flat Surface.
  2. Join two opposite ends of the scarf to Make a Triangle.
  3. From the Base of the Triangle start Folding towards the Tip of the Triangle.
  4. Keep Folding with each fold being about an Inch wide.
  5. Continue the same.
  6. Make sure to Fold the scarf till the tip isn’t rolled in. Now, Tie a Simple Knot with it around your neck. Voila!

 Keep it Stylish, Keep it Unique 😉

A little birdie tells me you are Crushing on my Red Lipstick in this Post, So Stay Tuned for its Review coming up Super Soon …




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