Fun Fervour & Frolic

The Festive Season is around the Corner. Everyone’s planning their attire whether its for Dandiya Night or Durga Puja!

Why not Plan your Hair & Make-up too 🙂

Style Chair is here Specially to your Rescue.

Dandiya Night is All about Dance & Fun, So the Hairstyles I’m going to show absolutely reflect the same!

Front French Braid

  1. Take your Parting on either side, Leaving 2-3 inches from the Hairline. Pony the rest of the hair.
  2. Take a Triangular section at the parting & Divide into Three.
  3. Plait the Strands once, then Plait it Adding Strands to the Front & Back Strands of the Plait respectively! Centre strand remaining Constant.
  4. Keeping the Plait Flat to the Scalp, Continue the same Uptil the Ear. After the ear (there wont be strands to add from the sides) Plait normally & Tie Up!
  5. Take the Plait under the Pony & Pin! Or Wrap around the pony from Under it.
  6. Voila! A Quick, Simple & Fun Hair-Do is Ready 🙂

Glam Version- French Braid Bun

  1. After Step 5 of the Last style, Plait the Pony.
  2. Make the Plait lil Messy by Pinching out the Strands a little from the plait.
  3. Coil the plait around with its ends tucked in. Secure with ‘U’ Pins.
  4. There you have a Chic yet playful bun.
Accessorize with Hair Beads

So If you want your Hair to be absolutely Fuss Free then you are in for a Treat…

 The Twisted Fish Tail

  1. Crown Section- Make 5 Twists (one in the centre & two on each side) and Pin them each up.
  2. Bringing the Hair to One side, Divide them into Two calling them ‘A’ & ‘B’.
  3. Take a Thin Strand from the Outer side of A, Cross over & Add to B.
  4. Take a Thin Strand now from the outer side of B, Cross over & Add to A.
  5. Accessorize the Twists with beads.
  6. All Set, Flaunt It!

Without the Right Acessories A Look can never be Complete…

Oxidised Jewellery (incidently bought in Rajasthan years back) is what I’ve used for this Look to tone down my already Jazzy Corset 😉

Now! For the real Colour to the Look- The Make-Up 😀


I opted for Majenta Lips with Shimmery Blue Contoured Eye Makeup.

For the Makeup of this Look, Watch my YouTube Video by Clicking→ HERE

P.S. You can use any other Bright/ Light Colour for the Eye Makeup & use Gold Tones instead Of Silver. Experiment, Have Fun 🙂

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I have something Interseting Planned for Durga puja as well 😀

Coming Up Soon …



Author: Aleena Mackar

Having been around the Blogosphere for three years now, Aleena has created a mark for herself with The Style Chair. From Fashion to Beauty and Travel, Aleena has been writing down her experiences for all her readers to be enlightened. Hers isn't just any Blog but as the name suggests its all about Style. Although this isn't her full time work, she has always kept the quality of content on TSC high. Having collaborated with a lot of big brands like W, Jabong, Myntra, Aurelia, Lee Cooper, Chandon, Maybelline, BeYu, Koovs and even Minawala Jewellery; she is also a Super Blogger with and has been awarded the Best Fashion Blogger of the year in 2016 by She loves to share her experiences and that's what people love about her. Her most watched Videos on her Youtube Channel are all Travel Vlogs (which she absolutely enjoyed making every time she travels). Leaving all this aside if you just want to actually know her real and crazy side then thats exactly what you get to see on her Insta Stories & Snapchat!

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