Tired of playing Miss Elegant or Plain Jane? Looking for something Wacky yet Graceful!
That is exactly what I have in mind for this Blog post 🙂
Keeping in Trend with Messy Hair, Bright Lippies & Head pieces, My obvious Choice is The Tribal Look!
Tribal looks are generally associated with Vibrant colours, Bold Prints & African Inspired textiles.
For me the Focus of this Look are the Warm Tones & Rich Accessories.
To Nail the Tribal Trend, here are some key points-
  • Overload of Accessories,
  • Warm Toned Makeup,
  • Bold Prints,
  • Messy Hair/ Messy Braids &
  • Flowy Silhouettes
This is what I Started out with keeping my Curls naturally (Learn hot to do that from my Last Post! Or you can Braid your hair overnight & leave for the wavy effect.
With My Hair & Make-up Expertise I’ve Made the Tribal Look more Pronounced!
For the Making of this Look, Hop On to my Tribal Safari by Clicking→ HERE.
Video Courtesy
Whether you are 20 or 30 or 40 or 50! Try this Look 😀
Specially if you have a Dress Up party, Just rock the Tribal Look 😉
Stay tuned something very Special & Festive coming up in the Next Blog!
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