Keep Your Curls

The Best thing to do is go Au Naturel

And Just like Calvin Klein quoted – “You need Makeup to go Natural”. I state-

“You Need Hair Products to keep your Hair  Best- Naturally!”

I have very Wavy Hair courtesy my dad! Its only After becoming a Hairstylist 8years back, I learnt the Art of ‘Maintaining my Curls’.

Easiest thing with Curls is That U Just Apply Product & Voila you are Done 😀 You literally Aren’t Supposed to Touch your hair there after!

These days you don’t get anything for Free! So Yes, you HAVE to Invest in a few Good Hair Products to keep The hair Healthy & Stylish too 🙂

Hair Mousse, Gels & Leave-In Curl Creams are the Best to Maintain the Curls by giving it a little Stiffness(Hold). Professional Ranges Available at Salons Like- L’Oreal, Wella & Schwarzkopf are your Best bet to find the right Styling & Haircare Products.

(Throughout My Blog you will Find varied Products to choose from whether Hair/Makeup)

Hair Masque & Serums are a MUST for Wavy & Curly Hair!

In India Wavy Hair is common, but Well Maintained Curls internationally too are a Rare Sight!

Curly hair in itself is a Style Statement -Aleena Mackar 😉


Click HERE to Watch The Quick & Simple Video on How to Keep Your Curls.

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I’ve used the Bed Head Foxy Curls in the video & its My Fav! Especially for its Toffee fragrance & its Packaging :p


I’ve used the L’Oreal Sublime Shine Serum ‘First’, as a serum Seals the cuticles & also I Don’t Run my Fingers Through my Hair after putting a curl enhancing product (as I feel the curls open up)



A Few Minor Tips for Happy Wavy-Curly Hair-


  • Always give a Last Rinse w ith Cold Water after conditioning your Hair.
  • Do not Rub hair with towel while Drying them! Only Dab.
  • Apply Curl Creams/ Hair Mousse when Hair is fully Wet (not dripping Of course!)
  • Do Not Comb out your Hair! just Finger style them, Brushing Hair out is Highly Overrated
  • Best time to Comb your Hair is when you put your conditioner on During a Wash, this way it doesn’t get Tangled!

Of course everyone loves a Lil change & that’s where we Hairstylists come to your Rescue 😀 Just hit a Salon when you’re really Bored of your Hair & you need a Temporary Change!

Apologies for not posting more Often! But the Rains seem to be a Nightmare for Bloggers! I’m going to do more Indoor Tutorials so Stay Tuned 😀 & Tutorial suggestions are most welcome.

Enjoy The Monsoons 😀

Dont Wet your Hair 😉


  1. Heyy you have beautiful curls.. 😘
    Is there any such hair product that will give a slight curly look to straight hair ??
    P.s I don’t know to use a hair styler and blow drier..

    1. Hey Thanks so much ….
      If you have Pin Straight hair then it cannot be made to look curly!
      If u have natural Straight hair get a nice layered cut & use a Texturing Product (just like I applied the curl cream) & u will get a nice Messy Look 🙂

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