Keep Your Curls

The Best thing to do is go Au Naturel

And Just like Calvin Klein quoted – “You need Makeup to go Natural”. I state-

“You Need Hair Products to keep your Hair  Best- Naturally!”

I have very Wavy Hair courtesy my dad! Its only After becoming a Hairstylist 8years back, I learnt the Art of ‘Maintaining my Curls’.

Easiest thing with Curls is That U Just Apply Product & Voila you are Done 😀 You literally Aren’t Supposed to Touch your hair there after!

These days you don’t get anything for Free! So Yes, you HAVE to Invest in a few Good Hair Products to keep The hair Healthy & Stylish too 🙂

Hair Mousse, Gels & Leave-In Curl Creams are the Best to Maintain the Curls by giving it a little Stiffness(Hold). Professional Ranges Available at Salons Like- L’Oreal, Wella & Schwarzkopf are your Best bet to find the right Styling & Haircare Products.

(Throughout My Blog you will Find varied Products to choose from whether Hair/Makeup)

Hair Masque & Serums are a MUST for Wavy & Curly Hair!

In India Wavy Hair is common, but Well Maintained Curls internationally too are a Rare Sight!

Curly hair in itself is a Style Statement -Aleena Mackar 😉


Click HERE to Watch The Quick & Simple Video on How to Keep Your Curls.

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I’ve used the Bed Head Foxy Curls in the video & its My Fav! Especially for its Toffee fragrance & its Packaging :p


I’ve used the L’Oreal Sublime Shine Serum ‘First’, as a serum Seals the cuticles & also I Don’t Run my Fingers Through my Hair after putting a curl enhancing product (as I feel the curls open up)



A Few Minor Tips for Happy Wavy-Curly Hair-


  • Always give a Last Rinse w ith Cold Water after conditioning your Hair.
  • Do not Rub hair with towel while Drying them! Only Dab.
  • Apply Curl Creams/ Hair Mousse when Hair is fully Wet (not dripping Of course!)
  • Do Not Comb out your Hair! just Finger style them, Brushing Hair out is Highly Overrated
  • Best time to Comb your Hair is when you put your conditioner on During a Wash, this way it doesn’t get Tangled!

Of course everyone loves a Lil change & that’s where we Hairstylists come to your Rescue 😀 Just hit a Salon when you’re really Bored of your Hair & you need a Temporary Change!

Apologies for not posting more Often! But the Rains seem to be a Nightmare for Bloggers! I’m going to do more Indoor Tutorials so Stay Tuned 😀 & Tutorial suggestions are most welcome.

Enjoy The Monsoons 😀

Dont Wet your Hair 😉


Author: Aleena Mackar

Having been around the Blogosphere for three years now, Aleena has created a mark for herself with The Style Chair. From Fashion to Beauty and Travel, Aleena has been writing down her experiences for all her readers to be enlightened. Hers isn't just any Blog but as the name suggests its all about Style. Although this isn't her full time work, she has always kept the quality of content on TSC high. Having collaborated with a lot of big brands like W, Jabong, Myntra, Aurelia, Lee Cooper, Chandon, Maybelline, BeYu, Koovs and even Minawala Jewellery; she is also a Super Blogger with and has been awarded the Best Fashion Blogger of the year in 2016 by She loves to share her experiences and that's what people love about her. Her most watched Videos on her Youtube Channel are all Travel Vlogs (which she absolutely enjoyed making every time she travels). Leaving all this aside if you just want to actually know her real and crazy side then thats exactly what you get to see on her Insta Stories & Snapchat!

2 thoughts

  1. Heyy you have beautiful curls.. 😘
    Is there any such hair product that will give a slight curly look to straight hair ??
    P.s I don’t know to use a hair styler and blow drier..

    1. Hey Thanks so much ….
      If you have Pin Straight hair then it cannot be made to look curly!
      If u have natural Straight hair get a nice layered cut & use a Texturing Product (just like I applied the curl cream) & u will get a nice Messy Look 🙂

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