Smoked Glam Eyes had to be my First option for my First Make up post! And You all will know why….

 ‘Smoky Eyes’ is an Eternal Trend.

Smoky eyes Define the Eyes & Transform you to a sexy damsel 😉 by adding a Mystical touch to it.

Really Dark & Typically done Smoky Eyes are generally associated with Arab Ladies & Might I add, I Love their Eyes for being so enigmatic, dark & alluring!

Although, Here I’m going to show you a more Glam, Dark & Sophisticated Look! I call it the ‘Smoked Eye Look’ as it replicates Smoke.

Mila Kunis, Sonam Kapoor, Kim Kardashian & Jessica Alba have often been seen sporting this look on the Red Carpet!

Basically, to get that Smoked Effect there has to be a Lot of Blending! That’s the only way we get that smudged/ hazy look.

So here your Major Aid will be a Blending Brush!

Left- Faces Blending Brush Right- PAC Blending Brush
Left- Faces Blending Brush
Right- PAC Blending Brush

For the Look you need a Highly Pigmented Dark colour Shadow, preferably a Black or the Darkest Hue of Blue, Purple, Brown & Grey! Here I’ve used the Black shadow from my Kryolan palette.

unnamed (2)
Kryolan Five Shadow Palette- Silver to Black!

Some other Must Have shadows for this look- MAC Carbon,  INGLOT 391,  MAC Print.

The Look is very Simple!

The Lids are the Darkest & the Shade gets Lighter as it goes towards the Brow!

Lets bring out The Magique 😀


Completely Cover the Whole Lid & a Little Above the Crease Line with your Dark shadow! Scoop the eye-shadow with any Shadow Brush & Apply.

Do not leave any patch on the lid uncovered.



As seen in the picture above, place your Blending brush on the Line created by your Dark shadow & Simply Blend the line (with forward & backward motion of the Blending brush)



Line the upper & lower waterline & remember to Smudge them.


Sweep on a Lot of Mascara.


With my Hair all Done, I’m all set to Paint the Town Red 😉

I’m also Posting some pictures of The Smoked Eye look & Hair Done by Me for a Shoot,


             IMG_7916      IMG_7909

WATCH ME Creating the look by Clicking HERE

P.S.- Notice how I Blend, Blending is the Most Important!!

Hope you like the post, Do leave in your feedback & Suggestions for the next post too.

 Be the Best Version of Yourself & Shine On ❤


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