9 to 5 Elegance

First Impression is the Last Impression!

Every Lady wants to be taken seriously & Be At The Top of her Game when it comes to her Professional Life!


But, Its How you Present yourself that can Make or Break the Deal! With the right Hair Do, Outfit & Makeup you can absolutely make that Impression like non other πŸ™‚

Not only cause I’m a Hairstylist & Makeup-artist, But I’m sure all of you Agree that Hair & Makeup can totally Transform your Look!

These days its Absolutely Important to be Well turned out & Fashionable as well!

So This one definitely had to be my First Hair Tutorial:

Hair Do’s For Work & Formal Occasions!

Dilemma dilemma dilemma- Married or Unmarried, we never seem to have leisure time to do upΒ both our Hair & Makeup especially for work! Keeping that in mind I have these few Fast & Fuss free Hairstyles for work.

Trust me I’ve kept it Really Simple to do πŸ˜€

All you need is Rubberbands, Bobbypins, ‘U’ Pins & a Tail-comb or Back-Combing Brush!


Unknown Person1This one requires a Hair Donut/ Bun-Ring, available at any Beauty Store!


Here I haven’t kept my Top Knot too high as that is too attention seeking for work! But, a Really High Top Knot is great when Going out to have some Fun πŸ˜‰



I’ve Made a Rope Braid here, Wound it around & Secured it with U Pins! You can make Any other Plait (fishtail/3 strand) for This Bun πŸ™‚

This ones my Favourite ❀ Because its Sleek & yet has a Fun Fashion Element to it! The same bun when Teased a little looks like The Messy Bun.



That’s what I call this Ponytail with the Twist πŸ˜‰ The Front is yet Sleek giving it that Formal Look!

Here you need a Hair Needle (Yes! That’s what its called)


Though I’m going to be your Angel & Show you how you can do the same Without the Needle too πŸ˜€



P.S.- I have used my Natural hair here & In fact wavy hair is the best to work on! Do Blowdry the Front locks for That Sleek Finish πŸ™‚

Shirt- Van Heusen, Skirt- Forever 21, Bag- Forever New, Shoes- Steve Madden
Subtle Sun-Kissed Makeup by Me Ofcourse!

So you have a High Do, a Mid Bun & a Low Pony.

Be Yourself & Shine on.

I’ve Simply Loved doing this Post! Do Try out the Hair Do’s & give me your Feedback πŸ™‚

Photography Credits- Ashish Gurbani! You guys have to check out his work He is Simply GeniusΒ www.ashishgurbani.com


  1. “But, Its How you Present yourself that can Make or Break the Deal! With the right Hair Do, Outfit & Makeup you can absolutely make that Impression like non other”
    or maybe knowing your shit might help. Having a good grasp of concepts that are relevant to your job makes more of an impression than a damn hair do.

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