Shiny nails are so Passé!!!

So why not some Sand Finish 😀 Yes you heard me right! This is the Sand Coat Nail polish by Faces & I LOVE It.

#63 Red Velvet Sand Coat by Faces



My Search for something New & Unique is what made me spot this Beauty at the Faces Store!

Faces from Canada  has been a Great Introduction to the Indian market as its Budgeted yet has great Quality products, As a MUA it has a great range of some products which we professionals love too 🙂

I’ve used of Crackle, Metallic, Glitter & Foil nail polishes but The fact of there being a polish with Sand Like Finish was what made me Want to Have it!

There are obviously No Testers for polishes (unfortunately), But They had a colour wheel showing the Different Shades & giving a Feel of the Polish too.

Most of their shades were shimmery so It took me a while to choose my pick, Since I’m more of a matte lover!

My Experience with the Sandcoat Polish!

The Sandcoat Polish is Thicker than the regular polishes.

PROs 🙂 –

  • The Sandcoat Polish Dries Faster.
  • The Sandcoat polishes aren’t as Shimmery as it seemed, Infact I feel that Shimmer actually Enhances the Sandy look to the polish!
  • With Two coats on, the Sandcoat Polish actually Lasted me Atleast a Week (before chipping) on my Finger nails.

CONs 😦 –

  • After a while the Polish tends to look Duller & Darker, i.e. a Dirtier version of the actual shade applied!
  • The Range was a Little Limited although they had A shade from all the colour families. they have Navy Blue(matte), Violet, Orange, Fiery Red, Indigo, Peach(matte), Brown (matte), Cyan (matte).

Priced at Rs.450


Own It, Wear It, Flaunt It!

Go out there! Find something Different, Be Unique, Enjoy the Change & Be Beautiful ❤




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