Do the Turban!

Turbans have not only been Trending now, But have been a Rage since way back in the 17th Century too! In India itself we witness varied Turbans/Pagdis as traditional attachments from our different regions.

Turbans have been a Fashion Statement for the Royalty & Runways, Catwalks & Sidewalks.

Boho & Ethnic are Unconventional Looks for a relaxed day out & to take those Looks a Notch Higher I Simply Rely on The Turban!

Turbans can be your Statement Accessory or even a Bad Hair-day Aid.

All you Need for a Turban is a Scarf/ Stole. For that Fashionable Twist use Printed ones. Bandhani, Tie & Dye, Phulkari & Warli Prints top the Indian Arty options! Leopard print, Geometric & even Aztec Prints are great Abstract Options for that Modern Arty Look.

Getting to the important part, Lets see HOW TO MAKE A TURBAN/HEAD WRAP 😀

I have put together two different Styles of Turbans here, so you can choose your pick!


  • STEP 1


Take your scarf & Bend your Head down. Put the scarf around the Back of the Head covering half of the head. Get the sides to the Front of your Face, While slightly Twisting it Inwards (so the sides are taut).

  • STEP 2

Once both the Ears are Half Covered, Divide the scarf into Two in the Front & Tie a Knot there.

  • STEP 3


Twist both Sides of the knot & Wrap around either sides of the head respectively.

  • STEP 4

Let the Twists Cross each other at the Back of the Head.

  • STEP 5

If the Length of the scarf is Long, Again Twist both the sides & bring then in front.

  • STEP 6

Cross the Twists once again.

  • STEP 7

Last Step would Simply be Tucking the ends into the previous twists!

There You Go! All set to Make a Fashion Statement 😉


  • STEP 1

Same as Step One of the Twist Turban.

  • STEP 2

Bunch Up the whole scarf at the forehead.

  • STEP 3

Start twisting the scarf in front till the scarf feels Tight on the forehead.

  • STEP 4

   Catch the centre point at the forehead & Coil the Twist Flat around the forehead in Concentric circles.

  • STEP 5


Once the whole Twist has been coiled Tuck the end in.

Voila!!!! There You have a very Unconventionally Stylish Turban 😀

P.S. I’ve used my mum’s Dupatta here as Im absolutely crushing the Bandhani Print & The Maroon colour’s going beautifully with my Quirky Waistcoat!

Do Wear your Turban with Open Hair just like I have here.

Keep it Stylish, Keep it Unique 😉

 Do leave a Comment below on how you liked the looks or any Requests for Future tutorials?

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