Monsoon Happy Hair

©Ashish Gurbani

The Season of Bad Hair days is Just around the corner & this time around I’m going to make sure you’re well equipped to Combat The Monsoon Hair Dilemmas.

Indian hair by nature is frizzy & unmanageable. It only gets worse especially for people with Wavy or Curly Hair like mine!

Every year I learn new ways to maintain my hair in the monsoons, as well as help my clients with varied hair & scalp types.

The Major Problems we face with the onset of the monsoons are-

  • Hair looking Dull & being extremely Frizzy & Unmanageable.
  • Scalp getting Greasy & Itchy, becoming Susceptible to Bacterial or Fungal Infections & even leading to Dandruff.

The only Culprit for both of these is- High Humidity Levels.

Here are Some Ways (tried & tested) to have Happy Hair in the Monsoons as well-


  1. Banana & Honey Hair Mask 

    Make a Smooth Paste of 2-3 Bananas (depending on the hair length), Add Honey to it & mix well. Apply the paste mainly on to the Hair & leave on for 45 minutes. Result being softer & smoother hair.

  2. Lemon Juice lemon_juice_16x9

    To tackle the Greasiness in the monsoons, Just simply Apply Lemon Juice on the scalp & leave for 15 minutes, then Rinse.

  3. Vinegar Vinegar_pouring

    Due to the grease & grime sticking to the scalp, it tends to get Itchy in the monsoons. Vinegar acts as a Disinfectant & helps to relieve the itching. A Tablespoon of Vinegar can be added to a Mug of water to give a Last Rinse to the hair after shampooing & conditioning it!

  4. Fenugreek Seeds(Methi seeds)

    d_601-01 this Wonder Herb can take care of a lot of hair issues like hair-fall, weak hair, dull hair, dandruff, etc. Soak the methi seeds overnight, strain the water in the morning & Rinse the hair with it to tackle all these problems.

  5. Eat Right natural-ways-to-get-rid-of-cellulite

    As cliche as this may sound but your body skin & hair will only be healthy if they are given the right Nutrients! For Strong & Healthy hair your Diet should be rich in Vitamin E & C from almonds, broccoli, spinach, olives, dried apricots, amla, tomatoes, bell peppers, citrus fruits & fish.


  • Cleansing Shampoo– Make sure the hair is free of grease & grime so it isnt limp & avoids dandruff, itchiness or fungal bacterial imbalance of the scalp.

Try the L’oreal Pure Resource Shampoo(normal to oily scalp)PureResourceShampoo & SensiBalance Shampoo (itchy or sensitive scalp) Rs500 each, Forest Essential Hair Cleanser Bitter orange & Cinnamon Rs775.Forest-Essentials-Hair-Cleanser-Bitter-Orange-26-Cinnamon-200-Ml-1533-407561-1-catalog

  • Anti-Frizz Products– To tackle the frizz you need to go that Extra way with Products. Use a good Anti-Frizz Hair Masque & in addition to that use a Leave-In Conditioner (applied only on damp hair) too or a Anti-Frizz Serum (applied on damp or dry hair after a wash).

I recommend the Liss Ultime masque by L’oreal Rs625, Smooth & Shine treatment by Tresemme Rs360P1150208 Ole Relax Masque by Kerastase Rs2500.

Liss Perfecting Serum by L’oreal Rs580, Liss Control+ by L’oreal Rs525, Supreme Smooth Hair Mix by L’oreal Rs600,79f38f20f0af072f8d227223de37c840 Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothening Serum Rs240*

*All the products mentioned above are all Salon Sale Professional products except Tresemme & Forest Essential.


Its the small little precautions that go a long way in making your hair look Monsoon Gorgeous.

  • Use Lukewarm water to wash your hair & Cold water for the Lat Rinse after conditioning the Hair.
  • As much as you may enjoy dancing in the rain make sure Not to Wet your Hair too much with Rain water, as the rain water is Acidic & Dirty which makes the hair Frizzy, Dull & Scalp Greasy.
  • Don’t leave your Hair Wet! Towel Dry or Blast Dry your hair after a wash as the humidity trapped makes the hair more frizzy & limp. Make sure Not to Rub the hair too much while drying it.
  • Definitely give your hair Professional attention during the monsoons by getting a Hair Spa or a Deep Conditioning or even a Hot Oil Massage at the Salon.
  • Get a Blow-dry or even Iron your hair for a frizz free Glam Look (make sure to use a Heat Protection product prior to the heat styling)

Now I can safely Quote

Life isn’t about Waiting for the Storm to pass, it’s about Learning to Dance in the Rain
-Vivian Greene






  1. Next time I’m in Pune, I’m coming to you for a hair spa 🙂
    Also does tying one’s hair post a wash control the frizz?

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