Beautiful Stranger

“Better Late than Never”

Ive finally set foot into the Blogging World after a lot of persuasion & contemplation…..

Before i start my Introduction i would like to warn u how raw i still am with this whole blogging thing! So please bear with me … All i know is to purely be myself for now! Here goes…

Ola all u Beautiful people …. I’m Aleena! An extrovert by nature I love being around a concoction of different professionals, am morally driven! Water baby (well I’m a water sign) & an Adventure freak I’m up for any Challenge… as irrelevant as these things might seem, its definitely going to help us connect better and a Major reason for You to follow me Apart from my work here!

I’m yet a lil girl at heart who loves to play dress up … Every single day!

I believe more in Style than Fashion

“Fashion changes, but style endures.”
― Coco Chanel

I’m an absolute sucker for Uniqueness, for me its all about the small things we add or do to personalize our Look, rather Anything we do!

You have got to be “A Cut Above The Rest”

Now, getting down to business- I’m an established Hairstylist, Makeup Artist (MUA) & Nail-tech by Profession. I’ve been a part of this Industry for the past 7 Years. Until now I limited myself to giving advice, tips & personal grooming sessions to clients at the Salon! Here on I want to use my expertise in Hair, Beauty & Makeup to make All u Lovely readers go that Extra way too!

I hope you feel assured that u will never be wasting a second of your time Reading my blogs…. I Assure u a lot of Hair Beauty & Makeup Insights, Fun, Stylish and Pristine Looks in my blogs to come….

Trust me slowly but steadily via my blogs you are going to feel like a Hair & Makeup expert too 😉 provided you remain connected and feel absolutely free to contact me with your queries/ feedback in future!

Hope the pictures Ive attached will keep u intrigued about the blogs coming up….

“Love of Beauty is Taste. The Creation of Beauty is Art” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Glam Eyes in the making....
Glam Eyes in the making….
"Put on some Red Lipstick & Live a Little"
“Put on some Red Lipstick & Live a Little”
"I Believe in the Scissors more than the pencil"
With My Scissors in my hand… The World is Mine!!!
Nature Girl Look created by Me
Nature Girl Look created by Me
Black Swan created by Me!
Black Swan created by Me!


  1. attagirl. every word here had that glint of you. stay at it. 🙂
    ps: the cover picture, loved the hair.

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