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S for Chambray

S for Spring, S for Summer and S for Chambray; because chambray is synonymous with summer. Hey there beautiful, summer killing you already? But you have to admit that a change in trends and what to wear is yet keeping you going! What’s most exciting about the summer’s is Chambray! Is just in our head… Continue reading S for Chambray

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Beach Holiday Lookbook #TSCinGoa

Greetings my lovely one’s! It’s been almost a month that I’ve been back from my short little getaway in Goa. Now that I have snapped out of my ‘Susegad’ (a Goan term derived from the Portuguese word sossegado meaning ‘quiet’ & it implies a contented form of life existent in the state) mode, finally putting… Continue reading Beach Holiday Lookbook #TSCinGoa

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15th Century Extravagance in Pune: The House of Medici

Magnificent chandeliers, large framed mirror, fireplace and dark wood interiors! It was almost like I walked into someone’s luxurious mansion and it felt just like a scene from a classic movie. Men in striped tees, suspenders & a painter’s cap; paintings on the ceiling were suggesting something but I just wasn’t sure. (Sometimes it’s nice… Continue reading 15th Century Extravagance in Pune: The House of Medici

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Unseasonable Farewell 

No last dance, no goodbye! Just like that the winter vanished. I threw off my blanket in irritation on a rather surprisingly sunny morning and in that moment I knew it was time for me to embrace ‘the’ change. I hadn’t even worn all of my winter wear (in hope that there would be cooler… Continue reading Unseasonable Farewell 

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Ditch the Formal Look in 2017 with TSC #OutfitIdeas

If you want to look sharp then formal dressing it is! But let’s not forget there’s an occasion for everything. While I can’t function so well at work as hairstylist in a formal shirt, on the contrary there are people who wear formals every working day of their life. Don’t you find it wierd to… Continue reading Ditch the Formal Look in 2017 with TSC #OutfitIdeas